MS9-NG2 Hybrid System (MS9-NG2)

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MS9-NG2 Hybrid System (MS9-NG2)
Suitable for 2"-4" lines

Color, fixed-position 1 1/16" camera head on a mid-sized frame

150' of pushrod

USB drives available for recording and storage

Price: $5,295.00


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     •  Color, fixed-position 1 1/16" diameter mini camera head with 512 Hz transmitter built-in
     •  150' pushrod
     •  64GB internal drive
     •  Can be powered with either household electric current OR on-board battery, 2 hour battery life
     •  Digital footage counter
     •  NG Mini camera head on a Mid-Sized frame
     •  512Hz transmitter built-in
     •  Lightweight, one-piece inspection system
     •  32GB USB removable drive
     •  Our SNB-BLK snowball
     •  Power cord
     •  Set of camera wings