MS11-NG2 Mid-Size Camera (MS11-NG2)

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MS11-NG2 Mid-Size Camera (MS11-NG2)
Color, self-leveling 1 1/2" diameter mid-sized camera head suitable for 3" - 6" lines
Now with USB ports and WiFi connectivity
Available with 150' or 200' of push rod

Starting at $5,995.00

     •  Suitable for inspecting 3"- 6" lines
     •  Daylight readable monitor
     •  Powder-coated aluminum frame
     •  Color, self-leveling 1 1/2" diameter mid-sized camera head with 512 Hz transmitter built-in
     •  Choose 150' or 200' of more durable pushrod
     •  Can be powered with either household electric current OR on-board battery, 2 hour battery life
     •  Digital footage counter
     •  Daylight readable monitor is integrated in to the frame, next to the controls.
     •  64GB internal storage, and 32GB removable flash drive included, or stream images wirelessly with our router. Record to all at the same time!
     •  Lightweight yet rugged, one-piece inspection system
     •  Exceptional image clarity
     •  3 sizes protective "Ice Balls": built-in, field replaceable translucent, polycarbonate light ring covers
     •  32GB removable USB drive
     •  MyTana Router
     •  Power cord