NGx10 Inspection System (NGx10)

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NGx10 Inspection System (NGx10)
Color Self-Leveling 1 1/2" diameter camera head suitable for 3"-8" lines,
200' of push rod
Now includes the CBX17 Control box with USB ports for easy recording and storage.

Price: $8,895.00


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     •  Suitable for inspecting 3"- 8" lines
     •  Color Self-Leveling 1 1/2" diameter camera head with 512 Hz transmitter built-in
     •  200' fiberglass core pushrod
     •  Protective "Ice Balls": Field replaceable, translucent polycarbonate light ring covers
     •  Ships with CBx-17 Control Box– 12" LCD monitor, DAYLIGHT readable with 800 x 600 resolution and brightness control
     •  Digital Footage Counter
     •  Up to 3 hour battery life
     •  On-screen footage counter
     •  Polyethylene "skin"

     •  CBX17 Monitor/Control box has 64GB internal storage and 32GB removable USB drive (included)
     •  Also stream images wirelessly to your phone or tablet via our Viewer APP
     •  Also available with CBx15 Control Box, 10.5" monitor and wiFi equipped-- Call for details
     •  Fool proof connector between camera head and push rod Not compatible with MY30 systems
     •  More durable connectors for camera head to reel
     •  CBx17 Control Box
     •  3 sizes "Ice Balls", camera head protectors
     •  set of camera wings
     •  32GB USB removable drive
     •  MyTana router for WiFi connectivity

Close-up view of NGx10 Inspection System)Close-up view of NGx10 Inspection System)
Video of NGx10 Inspection System