NG2 Mini Push Cam (MSA-NG2-PCAM)

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NG2 Mini Push Cam (MSA-NG2-PCAM)
Mini push camera designed to inspect lines from 1 1/2" - 3".

*Requires a MyTana CBX17 monitor for operation.

Price: $3,295.00


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     •  Suitable for inspecting 1 1/2" - 3" lines
     •  Color, fixed position 1 1/16" diameter mini camera head
     •  512 Hz transmitter built-in
     •  100 foot pushrod
     •  Powder-coated aluminum frame
     •  NG pushrod connector connects to CBx17 monitor only
     • Partner with our NGX10 System and CBx17 monitor/control box to view and record inspection jobs in smaller lines
     •  Set of camera wings
     •  Power cord