Helpful Tips

Please read through our instruction manuals BEFORE operating your equipment.

Looking to improve the life of your autofeed bearings?

  • Don’t over-tighten (this can crush the feed bearings).
  • Make sure to return conical spacers to both sides of the bearings when replacing the bearings (also known as feed wheels).
  • Periodically clean and oil/grease unit, especially the front lever/movement assembly.
  • For a parts breakdown, see our Large Autofeed Breakdown.

Foot Pedal Longevity

To help improve the life of your foot pedal and hose, place foot on pedal directly opposite the hose fitting. Continuous foot pressure near or on the hose fitting can cause small fissures around the fitting, which results in air leaks and loss of pressure.

Cable Machine Won’t Turn On?

Test the GFI that is mounted under the outdoor receptacle cover.  It may have sensed moisture and tripped (as it should). Push the test button to make sure that the GFI is fully tripped.  Then push the reset button all the way down until it clicks into position.

NOTE: If you don’t hear the button reset, use a non-metallic instrument (i.e. pen) to push the reset a little deeper.

Stubborn Frozen Blockages

High pressure jetting is a great way to open frozen lines. Cold water jetting will get the job done— Hot water will do it faster. You can run up to 140-degree water through our jetter pumps, BUT higher temperatures can damage pump seals. If you really want effective hot water jetting, try the Hot Box.