Cable Size
3/4" cable (12)
11/16" cable (12)
5/8" cable (10)
9/16" cable (10)
1/2" cable (9)
3/8" cable (9)
5/16" cable (7)
1/4" cable (3)
Machine Type
Type of Cable
End Style
NPT Size
Line Size
Mounting Style
Unmounted (3)
Threaded (21)
Slip-Joint (18)
General (20)
Spartan (16)
Ridgid (16)
Bulbhead (2)
Push Rod Length

Cable Machine Blades and End Tools

MyTana carries a large selection of sewer cable machine blades, attachments and end tools to tackle most any obstruction you find. Mounting blocks and chucks are available to fit cable with threaded, slip-joint, General, Spartan or Ridgid style ends. Not sure what blade you need, or want an assortment? Try our BladePaks, available for mainlines or sinklines.