Cable Size
3/4" cable (13)
11/16" cable (13)
5/8" cable (13)
9/16" cable (13)
1/2" cable (12)
3/8" cable (10)
5/16" cable (9)
1/4" cable (3)
Machine Type
Type of Cable
End Style
Threaded male (7)
Slip joint (5)
Spartan | interlocking (6)
General | slot lock (6)
Ridgid (5)
Bulbhead end (2)
NPT Size
Line Size
Mounting Style
Push Rod Length

Replacement Cable, Fittings and Reels

MyTana stocks a full line of replacement cable, fittings and reels – everything you need to keep your cable snake machine up and running, including leader (front end) or anchor (back end) cables.

We have hollow or wire-core cable from 3/4″ to 1/4″ in size. Finish the cable with your choice of threaded male, slip-joint, General, interlocking or Ridgid style ends – or buy the fittings loose.

We also stock all sizes of reels compatible with MyTana machines – available empty or pre-loaded with finished cable.