9/16″ Cable IN Reel

MyTana's REO108 9/16" Cable IN Reel


9/16″ cable in open-style reel with splash cover. NOTE: Please select the Cable Machine model you are working with, as the reel designs vary slightly.

Available in 3 lengths and your choice of ends.

Our standard configuration is 80′ of hollow-core cable with threaded male ends for use on the M755
Customize to suit your needs!



9/16″ Cable-IN-Reel unit. Good for 3″ – 4″ lines. Steel reel has drive spring for easy reel changes and comes only as an open style reel with a cover.

Includes a back-end cable and installed ends, please specify end style.

Fits the M755, M81 and M844 cable machines, specify which machine you will be using this reel with.