Foot Pedal, Hose, Switch
Foot Pedal, Hose, Switch FootPedal Switch, newer style FootPedal_Hose FootPedal

Foot Pedal, Hose, Switch


Replacement parts for our newer style air-actuated foot pedal, hose and switch. The hose fits INSIDE the switch, see images.

  • Foot pedal only: $14.00
  • Foot pedal and hose: $24.00
  • Switch only: $35.00
  • Complete set (shown left): $59.00


This air-actuated Foot Pedal, Hose, Switch – newer style for our sewer cable machines. The hose has a narrower O.D. and fits inside the switch, secured with a lock nut. Look at the pictures and compare to your fittings. See also our older style Hose and switch.

Available as:

  • Foot pedal only
  • Foot pedal and hose
  • Switch only
  • Complete set (shown left)

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