Hot Clean and Cold Weather Package

Hot Clean and Cold Weather Package from MyTana


Designed for powerful hot-water jetting, this Hot Clean & Cold Weather Package contains everything you need to clear frozen and clogged drains ranging 1.5” to 6” in size.

Includes our M30 Jetter and HotBox and all the hoses and tools you’ll need to get on the job right away.

Save $499 over buying each item individually!


Clears Frozen and Grease-choked Lines.

Driven by a 390cc Honda engine, the Model M30 Jetter delivers 4.5 GPM at 3000 PSI with automatic throttle-down, plus remote control for indoor jetting. A HotBox unit heats the water for more effective cleaning, and works downstream to keep the pump running cool.

Quick set-up and wrap-up maximize your productivity.

Includes these products

(price if purchased separately)

  • M30 – mainline gas jetter    ($4,829)
  • Hot Box – 5 GPM, 180° F    ($3,099)
  • Heavy Duty Folding Ramp    ($599)
  • Bucket Boss    ($50)
  • Garden hose w/ ball valve    ($71)
  • Anti Freeze Kit    ($50)
  • “Hi Temp” hose upcharge – 3/8” Only   ($200)
  • Washer wand   (Included)
  • Jetter Gloves   (Included)
  • Anti-fog goggles   (Included)

If purchased separately total = $8,898