Sewer Camera with Locator – Inspect and Locate Package

sewer camera with locator - inspect and locate sewers and drains with this package from MyTana


We’ve pulled together this Inspect and Locate Package so you can add Video Inspection and Locating to your service offering! Includes our NGx10 Inspection System, our MSA-NG Push Cam, and the RL8873 Locator / RT8872 Transmitter combo.

Save $795 over buying each item individually!


This sewer camera with locator package gives you everything you need to inspect and locate sewers and drains ranging 1.5” to 8” diameter. Anchored by our NGX10 Video Inspection System with the CBX17 Monitor/Control Box you can inspect up to 8” lines. Connect the MSA-NG Push Cam to the CBX17 and you’ll see inside smaller 1 ½” – 3” lines.

  • Both camera heads have a built in 512 Hz transmitter for locating trouble spots and provide exceptional image clarity.
  • The NGx10 has a color, self-leveling camera and 200ft of push rod
  • The MSA-NG-PCAM has a color, MINI fixed-position camera and 100ft of push rod
  • The CBX17 Control Box lets you record to 64GB internal drive as well as to USB flash drive via 2 on-board USB ports, or stream video wirelessly via our Viewer APP.

The RL8873 Locator works on all pipes including cast iron. Continual depth readout and directional indicators allow for intuitive operation with audio signal. With the Transmitter, trace signal on drain lines or find buried utilities. Adjust the frequency to your specific needs.

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Includes these products

(price if purchased separately)

  • NGX10 Inspection System
  • CBX17 Monitor/Control Box  (Included)
  • MSA-NG-PCAM  ($3,395)
  • SKD-NG Camera Skid  ($150)
  • 1 set IceBalls and 1 SNB-MBLK SnoBall  Included
  • RL8873 512Hz Locator   ($1,395)
  • RT8872 Transmitter    ($989)

If purchased separately total = $15,094