Jetter Leader Nozzle from MyTana

Jetter Leader Nozzle


Blind thrust nozzle with flexible leader attached. Great nozzle for navigating difficult situations.

Available for 3/8″ NPT hose only, with 2 different GPM/PSI specs.



MyTana’s Jetter Leader Nozzle is a blind thrust nozzle (4 rear jets at 25°) attached to a 12” flexible leader for 3/8” jetter hose. Leader guides the nozzle through difficult situations with maximum pulling power. Blind thrust nozzle is good for general drain cleaning while maneuvering elbows and tees.

Available for 3/8″ NPT pipe thread hose only with 2 different GPM/PSI specs tuned to deliver the rated pressure and flow at all distances when used with our Jetters.

    • 4.5 GPM @ 3000 PSI
    • 8 GPM @ 3000 PSI

Custom specs are also available, call for information.

Be sure to keep nozzle openings clean and clear. If you need different specs, give us a call!

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