M661-2B | 1/2″ Basic

M661 2B Cable Machine for Septics and Mains
M661 2B Cable Machine for Septics and Mains M661-2-2nd.png

Medium line machine for cleaning 3″ – 4″ lines.  This unit has a 1/3 HP motor with 144 RPM, but does not include the cart or Auto-feed/Retriever as in the M661-2A Complete.

Available in 80′ or 100′ lengths of hollow or wire core cable.

Our standard configuration is selected:
1/2″ x 80′ Hollow-core cable with threaded ends and closed polyethylene reel.
Or customize to suit your needs!



The M661-2B is a great machine for septics and mains. Water tight electrical switches and boxes with built-in GFCI circuit and forward/reverse switch.

See the Includes tab for a list of the tools and blades included.


  • 1/3 HP motor, 144 RPM
  • Belt drive
  • Dimensions: 19″W  x  18″L  x  20″H

• 1: Single 2″ blade (KN4T)
• 1: Double 2 1/8″ blade (KN19T)
• 1: Double 3″ blade (KN26-3T)
• 1: Double 4″ blade (KN26-4T)
• 4: Threaded mounting blocks (B501)
• 2: Slicing cores (SP32)
• 2: Threaded male ends (ME42)

• Foot pedal & hose
• Gloves
• Quart bottle of MT21
• Reel cover if ordered as an open steel reel
• 5/32″ Tee handle hex key tool

M661 Manual

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