Complete drain machine package from MyTana

M661 Complete Package


Tackle septics and mains, as well as sinklines. Our popular M661 Little Workhorse with 80 feet of 3/8” cable is the centerpiece of this package, but we also include 2 extra reels—one with 40 feet of ¼” cable, the other with 100 ft of 1/2” cable.

Package ships standard with closed reel on the 3/8” cable, and open reels (with reel covers) on the ½” and ¼” cable. Please make a note on the checkout page if you would like a different reel style for the ½” or 3/8” cable reels (¼” is available only in open reel).

Save $159 over buying each item individually!


This complete drain machine package lets you work on 1½” – 4” lines with our adaptable M661 Little Workhorse.

This quiet snake machine is driven by a 1/3HP motor, 144 RPM and belt drive. You will get 3 reels: 80 feet of 3/8” cable,  100 feet of ½” cable, and 40 feet of ¼” cable. Our easy reel change design lets you quickly swap out the 3 reels.

Includes Autofeed, Little Work Cart, blades and more, see Includes tab

Includes these products

  • M661 with 80 feet of 3/8″ cable in closed reel, threaded ends
  • M661 BladePak ME
  • 100ft of 1/2” cable in an open steel reel, threaded ends
  • BladePak 234 with threaded fittings
  • 40ft of 1/4″ cable in open steel reel
  • Little work cart
  • Mini Autofeed
  • Large hoop for Autofeed (fits around 1/2″ cable reel)
  • Elephant trunk with small hoop (for smaller cable), can hold Autofeed too
  • Bucket Boss

If purchased separately total = $3,018