Mainline Cleaning Attachment | for M661

MyTana mainline cleaning attachment for M661 cable machine


Add this reel of 1/2″ cable to your M661 cable machine to clean larger 3″ – 4″ lines too. Threaded ends only.

Available in 2 lengths, hollow or wire core cable and either open or closed reel.

Our standard configuration is 80′ of hollow core cable with open reel and cover.
Or customize to suit your needs!




Attachments for your 3/8″ M661 cable machine, so you can clean larger 3″ – 4″ lines.

Includes 1/2″ cable in reel (choose from 2 different lengths), and all the blades and parts shown. See the “Includes” tab for the complete list.

Note: If you have our Mini Autofeed-Retriever on your M661 and wish to use it with this package, you will need our Large Hoop to hold the Autofeed. The 1/2″ cable reel is larger than the 3/8″ reel on the M661. Please call 800-328-8170 for price.

  • Gloves
  • Quart bottle of MT21
  • Reel cover if ordered with an open steel reel
  • 5/32″ Tee handle hex key tool
  • 2: Threaded male ends
  • 2: Splicing cores
  • 1: Single 2″ blade
  • 1: Double 2 1/8″ blade
  • 1: Double 3″ blade
  • 1: Double 4″ blade
  • 4: Threaded mounting blocks