MS11-NG2 Mid Sized Sewer Inspection System

MS11-NG2 Mid Sized Sewer Inspection System


Suitable for 3″- 6″ lines. This lightweight, one-piece inspection system is built for durability and exceptional image clarity. Color, self-leveling 1 1/2″ diameter camera head has 512Hz transmitter built-in.

Record to internal drive or removable USB drive, or transmit wirelessly to iOS or Android via our MyTana Viewer App.

Ships standard with 200′ of push rod – or choose 150′.




The MS11-NG2 Mid Sized Sewer Inspection System features a daylight-readable / LED backlit monitor which enhances the clarity and wide-angle view of the camera. Also has brightness control and on-screen footage counter.

The unit has 2 on-board USB ports and an internal 64GB drive. Record to either location, or both at the same time! Also includes a WiFi router to stream images and recordings wirelessly to Android or iOS via our MyTana Viewer App.

Lightweight yet rugged frame (powder-coated aluminum) and durable push-rods have been factory and field tested to make sure the system holds up in harsh operating environments.

Can be powered with either household electric current OR on-board battery with up to 2 hour battery life. Recharge by plugging in to standard wall outlet.

Partner with our RL8873 Locator to add locating capabilities using the built in 512Hz transmitter.

Note: Our NG Inspection Systems are not backward compatible with the MY30 and earlier “classic” analog based inspection systems.

The MS11-NG2 ships with:

  • 3 sizes protective “Ice Balls”- built-in, field replaceable translucent, polycarbonate light ring covers
  • Power cord
  • 32GB USB removable drive
  • MyTana Router for WiFi recording

MS-NG2 Instructions