MS11-NG2 mid sized sewer and drain camera

MS11-NG2 Mid-Sized Inspection System


Suitable for 3″- 6″ lines. This lightweight, one-piece inspection system is built for durability and exceptional image clarity. Color, self-leveling 1 1/2″ diameter camera head has 512Hz transmitter built-in.

Record to internal drive or removable USB drive, or transmit wirelessly to iOS or Android via our MyTana Viewer App.

Ships standard with 200′ of push rod – or choose 150′.



The MS11-NG2 Mid-Sized Sewer Inspection System features a daylight-readable / LED backlit monitor which enhances the clarity and wide-angle view of the camera. Also has brightness control and on-screen footage counter.

The unit has 2 on-board USB ports and an internal 64GB drive. Record to either location, or both at the same time! Also includes router to stream images and recordings wirelessly using our MyTana Viewer App available for Android or iOS .

Lightweight yet rugged frame (powder-coated aluminum) and durable push-rods have been factory and field tested to make sure the system holds up in harsh operating environments.

Can be powered with either household electric current OR on-board battery. Recharge by plugging in to standard wall outlet.

Partner with our RL8873 Locator to add locating capabilities using the MS11-NG2 Mid-Sized Inspection System’s built in 512Hz transmitter.

Note: Our NG Inspection Systems are not backward compatible with the MY30 and earlier “classic” analog based inspection systems.

The MS11-NG2 ships with:

  • 3 sizes protective “Ice Balls”- built-in, field replaceable translucent, polycarbonate light ring covers
  • Power cord
  • 32GB USB removable drive
  • MyTana Router for WiFi recording

MS-NG2 Instructionsicon of User Manual

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