PGR400 Inspection System

PGR400 Municipal Inspection Package


Manhole-to-manhole inspection with 400’ of rugged push rod and a 1½” color self-leveling camera head. High-intensity LEDs, and an extended-focus lens with wide-angle viewing make this system ideal for larger and longer lines.

Includes our CBX17 Monitor/Control Box and the RL8873 512 Locator.


The PGR400 inspects 4-12” lines, and comes with a 512Hz locator. 400 feet of pushrod make it ideal for manhole-to-manhole inspection.

The CBX17 Control Box, gives you a 12” daylight-readable monitor and high-clarity imagery.

  • All-digital recording lets you save footage to either the 64 GB internal drive or a removable USB flash drive (flash drive is included with the package) Operators can also stream video wirelessly to multiple devices via our Viewer APP available for iOS or Android.
  • The system’s 1½” color self-leveling camera head has high-intensity LEDs, extended-focus lens and a built-in 512 Hz sonde transmitter. The head is protected by our 3” O.D. ice ball, and the skid helps navigate bends.
  • Rechargeable batteries deliver up to 3 hours of service.

The included RL8873 512Hz Locator gives you continual depth readout, directional indicators and intuitive operation with audio feedback.

Includes these products

  • 1 ½” CSL Camera Head
  • 400ft push rod
  • CBX17 control box
  • Removable USB Flash Drive
  • WiFi Router
  • SKD-NG Camera Skid
  • RL8873 512Hz Locator


PGR400 Reel Setup Guide

CBX17 Instructions