PGR400 Inspection System

PGR400 Inspection System


Manhole-to-manhole inspection with 400’ of rugged push rod and a 1½” color self-leveling camera head. High-intensity LEDs, and an extended-focus lens with wide-angle viewing make this system ideal for larger and longer lines.

Includes our CBX17 Monitor/Control Box and the RL8873 512 Locator.


Our mainline PGR400 Inspection System inspects 4″ to 12″ lines. 400′ of rugged push rod gives you manhole to manhole reach. We also include a 512Hz locator.

The system’s 1½” color self-leveling camera head includes a built-in 512 Hz sonde transmitter, high-intensity LEDs, and an extended-focus lens for wide-angle viewing.

The CBX17 Control Box gives you a 12″ daylight-readable monitor and displays high-clarity footage.

  • All-digital recording lets you save footage to either the 64 GB internal drive or a removable USB flash drive (flash drive is included with the package). Operators can also stream video wirelessly to multiple devices via our Viewer APP available for iOS or Android.
  • The system’s 1½” color self-leveling camera head has high-intensity LEDs, extended-focus lens and a built-in 512 Hz sonde transmitter. The head is protected by our 3” O.D. ice ball, and the skid helps navigate bends.
  • Rechargeable batteries deliver up to 3 hours of service.

The RL8873 512Hz Locator gives you continual depth readout, directional indicators and intuitive operation with audio feedback.

A 3″ protective skid for the camera head helps navigate bends.

Includes these products

  • 1 ½” CSL Camera Head
  • 400ft push rod
  • CBX17 control box
  • Removable USB Flash Drive
  • WiFi Router
  • SKD-NG Camera Skid
  • RL8873 512Hz Locator


PGR400 Reel Setup Guide

CBX17 Instructions