PGR400 Municipal Inspection Camera from Mytana

PGR400 Municipal Inspection Camera


Our PGR400 is suitable for 4″–12″ sewer lines. Get manhole-to-manhole inspection with this sewer push camera packaged on a maneuverable steel frame.

The system includes the CBX17 Monitor-Control Box with a 12” daylight readable screen, and all-digital recording. The self-levelling camera head has a built-in 512Hz transmitter.

Your choice of 325′ or 400′ rugged push rod.
We can also cut a length to your specifications, call for more information.



Our PGR400 Municipal Inspection Camera is suitable for 4″–12″ sewer lines.

The system includes the CBX17 Monitor-Control Box with a 12” daylight readable screen.

  • Displays crystal-clear imagery and lets you record it to internal memory, USB drive, or stream wirelessly to your mobile device using our MyTana Viewer App available for Android or iOS .

The color, 1½″ dia. self-leveling camera head has a 512Hz transmitter built in. Four sizes of camera guides (up to 3” diameter) navigate the camera head over and around obstacles. Also includes a skid.

Strong push-rod resists kinking, and is available in 2 lengths: 400′ or 325′ push rod. Or we can cut the push rod to a length you specify – call for more information.

Features of the rugged reel frame:

  • Made of strong, powder-coated steel
  • Balanced weight and anti-skid feet make it easy to tilt for transport and maneuver in to position
  • Monitor mount gives full swivel for the Control Box, and is tilted for optimal viewing angle while inspecting
  • Reel brake with adjustable drag
  • Compact size

PGR400 Municipal Inspection Camera dimensions: 19″W  x  32″L  x  40″H

In addition, you may also be interested in our Mini Push Cam for 1.5″-3″ lines. It connects to the CBX17 Control Box (included with the PGR400) so you can inspect the drain lines in your facilities as well.

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