RL8000 Pipe Locator Package

Complete Pipe Locator Package


Our RL8873 Locator and RT8872 Transmitter team up in this package to locate trouble spots or utilities in the most demanding environments. The Locator detects 512hz signal from sondes or transmitters. Pair it with the Transmitter to trace the line or buried utilities on other frequencies.

Save $115 over buying each item individually!


Our RL8800 Pipe Locator Package is specially designed to detect 512hz from sondes and inspection camera transmitters. With the Transmitter box the Locator can also detect a signal along the water pipes or sewer lines as well as buried power cables, CATV cable, gas and, telephone cables, or fiber optic cables with sheath.

Multi-frequency capabilities allow you to adjust the frequency to your specific needs.

RL8873 512 Locator

  • Alone, locates 512Hz signal from sondes and inspection camera transmitters.
  • Expand the capabilities by pairing it with the transmitter
  • Backlit digital display for low-light reading

RT8872 Transmitter

  • Multi-frequency Transmitter—factory preset for 8kHz and 82kHz. 10 other frequencies available
  • Transmits with clamps or induction mode, direct connect clamps and ground rod included
  • Battery powered

Includes these products

  • RL8873 512Hz Locator
  • RT8872 Transmitter