NG Push Rod
NG Push Rod Push Rod for MyTana NGx10 System Push Rod for Classic MyTana Inspection Systems

Replacement Push Rod


Replacement push rod for larger MyTana inspection systems (not compatible with our MS11-NG2 mid-size camera).
Includes connector ends, select:

  • Classic – MY30 system (analog recording)
  • NG – NGx10 or PGR200 systems (digital recording)
  • NG 400ft replacement push rod is ONLY for the PGR400.


Replacement push rod for our large mainline inspection systems. Suitable for use in 3″ – 8″ lines.

  • Choose the NG style for the NGx10 or PGR sewer inspection systems.
  • Choose the Classic style for our older My30 System.

If you need replacement push rod for our mid-size MS11-NG camera, please call.