RL8840 Locate and Leak Detect Package from Mytana

Locate and Leak Detect Package


Bundle our new LD40 Leak Detector with our 512Hz Locator and multi-frequency Transmitter to locate buried utilities. Then use the LD40 to locate the leak on the line.

Save $254 over buying each item individually.


Our RL8840 Locate and Leak Detect Package bundles our popular RL8873 512Hz Locator, RT8872 Transmitter with the new LD40 Leak Detector.

Use the Transmitter box and Locator to determine the location of power cables, CATV cable, gas lines, telephone cables, or fiber optic cables with sheath. Multi-frequency capabilities allow you to adjust the frequency to your specific needs.

Once the line with a leak is located, use the LD40 to pinpoint where the leak is.

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