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M500 Drain Machine
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Sinkline cable snake machine for cleaning 1″ to 2″ lines. This power drain machine has variable speed drive up to 280 RPM on a rugged frame. Just 23 lbs!

Unique funnel and cone style polyethylene drum aids cable feed.

Ships standard with 50ft of 1/4″ cable.



Our M500 Drain Machine is perfect for bathtubs, urinals and sinks on 1″ to 2″ lines. This power sinkline snake machine has variable speed drive with improved operation over previous models. Weighing just 23 lbs, it is lightweight yet has a rugged frame, and can be operated either horizontally or vertically.

The drain auger features a heavy-duty drive train with quiet operation. The elephant trunk guides the cable in tight spaces while helping to protect fixtures from scraping. An air-actuated foot pedal and hose is included.

Cone and funnel design with a feed tube keeps the cable against the funnel wall so the cable won’t flip. Drain hole lets you keep the interior dry.

Dimensions: 12 1/2″W  x  18″L  x  16″H


  • Elephant trunk
  • Foot pedal and hose
  • Gloves
  • Quart bottle of MT21

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M500 User Guide